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Mitigate Catastrophes

Or, in layman's terms...

Do easy sh!t now to prevent bad sh!t happening later

You guys. I am SO eloquent.

(Sorry for my potty mouth.)

(Only kinda sorry, honestly.)


One of my favorite things about my game is how it helps us mitigate potentially catastrophic problems with simple, inexpensive habit change.

Potentially catastrophic problems are the big things that, if they happen, life as we know it is forever changed.

An example is accidents. How would your life change if you suffered a major head injury?

And, how does the "cost” of a major head injury - in money, time, and quality of life - compare to the cost of precautionary habits like wearing a helmet when you bike, ski and scooter and wearing a seat belt in vehicles?

What is the cost of overwhelming stress? How does it color everything you do? And how does the cost of that compare to taking 10 minutes every morning and 10 minutes every evening to practice a little self-care? [Not to mention a swift and ruthless trim of your obligations?]

How does a lack of energy affect your ability to do things like sight-see all day, attend a festival, or take your kids to an amusement park? And how does the cost of that compare to adding 30 minutes of moderate exercise to your daily schedule?



Diane, veteran 14x Get Fit Done player (I know, right?), has taken this next level. She has added so many habits to her life that she created a chart to keep track. Without context, someone might see this as overwhelming. Instead, she’s found the framework of the game to help her dial in on those small changes she can make that yield exponential benefits now and mitigate potential catastrophes down the road!

The habits of the game produce immediate results - pride, feeling in control, improved hydration, less bloating, better sleep, and so on

And after 5 weeks, the habits of the game produce level-up results like weight and inch loss, strength gains, and muscle definition.

Practiced again and again over time, the habits of the game produce epic long-term results, such as reduced risk of developing degenerative diseases like T2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers.

That’s what we’re doing here.

We’re mitigating potentially catastrophic problems with simple, consistent, inexpensive habit change.

We're doing easy sh!t now to prevent bad sh!t from happening later.




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