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Group Workouts | Corporate Wellness

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Group Workouts!

Currently, all group workouts are online via Zoom.

Virtual group workouts are fun and effective! All you need is

wifi, a device with a camera,

and a Get Fit Done attitude.

We currently have two workout group options. Click below to learn more!


Corporate Wellness

Bring Get Fit Done to your workplace! Online or in person, it's perfect for promoting health, team-building, and positive social interaction in your business.


Get in touch to learn how we can customize the game to the needs of your company.

"When I had the opportunity to join group workouts with Laura a little over a year ago, I jumped at the chance. 

The expert training I have received from Laura has surpassed my wildest expectations. 

I have had personal trainers throughout my life, and none have even come close to her level of excellence."

_- Cynthia, Los Angeles

"Laura is a fantastic trainer! I did her online group workouts, and as someone who is older and very out of shape, 

I was worried about doing exercises that were simply too difficult...

But Laura constantly adjusted, giving me modifications as needed and seeking feedback regularly to determine whether the level of activity was too easy or too hard.

She was always willing to work with my specific equipment limitations, and was incredibly upbeat and encouraging. I recommend her classes enthusiastically!"

- Suzanne, Los Angeles

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