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What is a Circuit?

A circuit is a series of 3 or more exercises done back-to-back with very little rest.

When you perform one set of each of the exercises, you’ve completed one round of the circuit.

Most circuits will be performed for 3-5 rounds.

An Example Circuit:

  1. 15 Squats

  2. 15 Push-Ups

  3. 15 Sit-Ups

For this circuit, you’d do 15 squats followed by 15 push-ups followed by 15 sit-ups to complete 1 round.

Circuit training is designed to be intense, but intensity is completely relevant to your fitness level. It’s a method of conditioning that targets improvements in strength, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular endurance.

Using the above circuit as an example, beginners might rest up to 30 seconds after an exercise before beginning the next, and then rest 1-2 minutes after completing one round and beginning again.

For example, adapting this circuit to beginner-level might look like this:

2 Rounds of: – 15 Squats – 30 Seconds Rest – 15 Push-ups – 30 Seconds Rest – 15 Sit-Ups – 1 Minute Rest – Repeat

For an advanced exerciser, however, the circuit might look like this:

5 Rounds of: – 15 Squats – (No Rest) – 15 Push-ups – (No Rest) – 15 Sit-Ups – (No Rest) – Repeat


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