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Get Fit Done, Online Team Fitness Game

Get Fit Done - the GAME!

Who Can Play: Anyone!
You don't compete in ability or skill or reps against other people.

The game is scored on compliance - do things, get points!

This means everyone of all fitness levels and all abilities can play.


Object of the Game:
To score as many points as possible for your team and GET FIT DONE in the process!


The Prize:
Bragging rights! Fame and flattery! Discipline! A fit and fierce body!


How to Play

Practice daily habits to earn points for your team!


Report what you complete in the web app to submit your daily and weekly scores for your team!


Check in with teammates, give and get support, and participate in the Facebook group - for more points, of course!


The habits of the game just so happen to be the exact formula for getting fit done, and the game makes it wayyy more fun than any other workout challenge out there!


smiling lunge.jpg


Each day, you can win points

in the following 5 categories:

- Exercise -

- Nutrition -

- Water -

- Trash Talk -

- Habit Hack -
(a 5th habit of your choice)

(try not to)
Incur Penalties

You incur penalties if you drink more alcohol than is allowed on the nutrition level you choose, or if you eat more non-compliant snacks than are allowed.

But we're not necessarily about full-on restriction. That's why there are three levels to choose from - of varying strictness - to make the nutrition part of the game meet you where you are!

And psssst - you get a day off each week where you can eat and drink all the things! (Just don't erase your progress with one day of excess! We'll talk a lot about that.)

1 referee.png

Win Bonus Points!

You can even earn BONUS Points for doing epic things like having a perfect day, having a perfect week, or completing one of the fun and sometimes silly Pop-Up Challenges!


These are all incentives for you to crush it and get alllll the points for yourself and your team! 

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