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My Favorite Affordable Fitness Gifts

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

These are my favorite all-time fitness items I use with my clients and for my own workouts. If it's on this list, rest assured I LOVE it.

If you use these links to buy something I may earn a small commission.

This is the best under-$25 purchase I've ever made. Full stop.

I use it Every Single Day in Every Single Workout Session.

It allows me to program exercise intervals and rest intervals and it beeps to tell me when to stop and start. The beep can be loud - oh hey, everyone, look at me starting my jumping jacks! - or soft, and it can also be set to vibrate only. It also has a stopwatch feature.

And the best part is I can save dozens of intervals I use regularly! I use it during client warm-ups where we do each warm-up exercise for 20 seconds. I have 45/15, 30,20, and 1:00/30 saved because those are what I use more often.

It clips onto clothing and it's never slipped off, even while running, doing burpees, and doing backflips. (I don't do backflips. Anymore.)

It comes in several colors, too! It's a great gift or stocking stuffer.

I never appreciated resistance bands until I started doing private personal training and had to schlep equipment to clients' homes. Ha! I quickly learned that bands can indeed be an excellent addition to a home gym.

I love this set in particular because the nylon covering protects the tubing from wear and tear, and that's important because we're often looping these around trees, standing on them, or otherwise stressing them. The set includes door attachments so you can anchor it low, high, or anywhere in between. I'll text clients, "need your medium tension band anchored at chest-height."

Bands travel well. I keep an extra set in a backpack for when I exercise at parks, in front of our apartment building, or on the beach!

#3 Exercise Mini-Bands

Want shapely glutes? GET THESE.

Lots of jokes with clients about "strong butts for everyone!" and these loops are why. On regular rotation is this exercise and this exercise and OOOH, especially this nasty little combo! If you do those 3-4 times per week, you'll hate me (burrrrrn) then love me (hello, shapely glutes!).

We use these for a lot of other accessory, maintenance and physical therapy type exercises! And again, they travel well.

Also? They're super cheap!

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