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Thursday Throwdown Workouts

When I first became an online workout sensation (#sarcasm), I posted a new HiiT YouTube video every single week. You can find those HERE.

I also posted Quick & Dirty Workout Challenges called Thursday Throwdowns! Those came out on... Thursdays. (snort)

My Thursday Throwdowns were designed to be used as workout finishers – a little extra something to burn off the last bit of gas in your tank!

But they're also great as short, stand-alone workouts for days you want to exercise but just don’t have time.

These short challenges really pack a punch! And they’ll convince you that exercise doesn’t have to be long to be effective.

I have 33 Thursday Throwdowns on my YouTube channel! You could do one a week, get into killer shape, and then sing my praises and name your firstborn after me as a thanks.

What. You could!

By the way, hit the SUBSCRIBE button while you're over there! <3

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