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Starts Jan 8, 2024



Family Team $95

Special rate for families! The game has been a great way for families to get fit together! This is for partners, parents, and kids! Immediate family members only, please . (Max of 8 players per team.)

Time & Location

Starts Jan 8, 2024


About the Game

This family ticket is good for you and your immediate family members.

So, bring your partner AND your kids!

Here's how the game works:

  • Form a team of 2-8 players (your family ticket requires your teammates to be immediate family members)
  • Name your team
  • Get your attitude on
  • Kick butt and take names!

Each player sets personalized goals for themsevles in 5 categories - exercise, nutrition, water, habit hacker, and trash talk! Then, you compete as a team to practice the daily habits and earn points! And, each week you can win Bonus Points, but you also have to avoid incurring penalties (see the FAQ). It's a game, so there's strategy involved!

Each week, your players' scores are averaged to get your team score for the week, and the team with the most points after 10 weeks wins!

Earning points for sticking to your goals is super rewarding, and you'll enjoy the silly banter in the Facebook group! You're also going to learn a lot about yourself and what motivates you, and experience some significant mindset shifts too.

And the end result? More energy, weight loss, inch loss, improved health markers, and more!


NEW! Want to earn a commission whenever a friend buys a ticket? Invite everyone you know using this link and you'll earn $9 for each person who signs up to play! Even if they don't join your team. Whoa...  talk about competition!



  • Family Team Registration

    This ticket allows you and your immediate family members to play in the next game. This ticket is the best option if MORE THAN 3 family members want to play on a team. You must have at least (1) teammate to play. Teams can have up to 8 players total.

    +$2.38 service fee



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