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Group Workouts in LA!
 Currently Paused 

I host group workouts at Los Angeles parks when I'm in town!

The first two were a success, so now it's a thing! 

:::happy dance:::

These are open to current clients, former clients, friends, family and whomever YOU want to bring! 

I promise a solid workout and I'm a PRO at making sure it checks all the right boxes for EVERYONE who comes! 

Been away from exercise a while? This is for you!

Workout often but in the mood for a change? This is for you!

Need more fun in your life? This is for you!

In my world, laughing is mandatory, so I infuse these group workouts with non-competitive games to get everyone laughing!

I promise YOUR limitations and health needs are not a deal-breaker.


My signature style of programming levels the playing field and means my workouts work for everyone!

Get on the list to find out when we're doing this next! 

There are currently no park workouts scheduled.... but check out the details of past workouts so you know what to expect!

 The Details 

When:  Tues, Jan 2nd + Thurs, Jan 4th from 9:00-10:00 a.m. 


Where:  Shane's Inspiration, a playground in Griffith Park!
There's a parking lot! And bathrooms!

I've exercised at this park dozens of times, and I've trained clients
there, too! It's big and perfect for working out.


Address:  4800 Crystal Springs Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027 (See map below.) 



- Water

- One Handled Band

- One Loop

- One Medium Dumbbell  

- An Exercise Mat or a Large Towel 


What to Wear:

- Layers!

- Comfortable exercise shoes 

Cost: TBA

group photo of people who did a group workout together at the park

Ann, Rob, Colleen & Me after the Tuesday workout! 

"We had great fun -  especially me, who got to pair with Laura’s darling husband Rob for the game and we WON!


We got a wonderful workout and even had a young toddler who wanted to join us. Hope to see others on Thursday!"

- Ann Whitford Paul

 Additional Notes 

- If it rains, it's canceled.  If I know you're coming, I'll message you if it's canceled!

So be sure to RSVP and let me know!


- Leave a little extra time to find the park. It's not necessarily hard to find, but Google maps can take you just shy of the parking lot entrance for some annoying reason. Refer to

my screenshots below for help!

- The park has spongy flooring that's

soft and grippy and perfect for exercise!

We will not be in grass or on hard pavement.

- Bring a friend! Share this link with them

so they have the details.

- I will bring some extra workout equipment,

in case anyone needs it, you or your guest.

- You can "pass" on any exercise that

doesn't feel right. I won't be assigning anything risky, and we WILL err on the side of "too easy." You always have the option to "take a lap" (walk the edge of the playground) as a substitute for any exercise. Or, you can substitute a different exercise at any time. I'll offer suggestions when needed!

- My clients are all ages and abilities, but make no assumptions. Almost all of my clients, of all ages, have to be careful of "this or that" due to health concerns, past injuries, etc. I don't want you to worry you'll be the only 'beginner' or that you'll be the only one who has limitations - you're absolutely not! 


- My husband Rob will be joining us! I mean, he doesn't know it yet, but he has to or risk threat of divorce! *snort*  He's fun!  He's easy on the eyes! *wink*   He'll be your new best friend! (And I'll be jealous.)

"Thank you for the park workout this morning! I'd never worked out in a public place before and was a little worried I'd feel self-conscious, but it was so fun!


Being in-person was a treat, but the addition of being out under the trees and sun at a playground where we could watch random, adorable children throwing balls and racing around on their scooters made it even better.


And the game was great! (Though I still maintain we should have won!) I'm looking forward to the next one!"

- Colleen Paeff

 Maps of Park Location 

Click to Enlarge

map showing location of playground
map showing location of playground and parking lot

I'm Super Excited About This!

Email or Text with any questions...  and to  SAY YOU'LL COME! 


Can't wait to see you there!


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