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  • What are the rules of the game?
    Players set their own goals in each of the main categories, then team up and compete against other teams! Earn POINTS by sticking to your goals. Avoid PENALTIES by abstaining from junk food & alcohol. Win BONUS POINTS by completing pop-up challenges​. The Categories: - Exercise for 30 minutes per day (you get to choose what you do!) - Nutrition (3 levels to choose from) - Water (2 levels to choose from) - Habit Hack (choose one additional habit to do to get points - it can be anything!) - Trash Talk! (this simply means check in) ​​At the end of the 5 weeks, the team with the most points wins!
  • How are scores tallied?
    Your team's players' scores are averaged each week. This allows a team of 2 to compete against a team of 8. Then, we add up your team's weekly scores to determine your 5-week total. The team with the most points at the end of 5 weeks wins! * herkie jump *
  • Who can play?
    Get Fit Done is for all ages, all fitness levels, all shapes and sizes and heights and weights! It's based on COMPLIANCE, not ability - and that levels the playing field because 30 minutes is 30 minutes, whether you're doing yoga or Crossfit. So whether you're a beginner or have been working out for years, the game is for you! ​ And, it's all online so you play from anywhere and you don't have to live near your teammates!
  • How many can play on a team?
    A team must have 2-8 players. Why only 8? Your team's scores are averaged, so if you have too many players, you won't feel like your score matters much. And if you don't feel like your score matters, it's easier to fall off the wagon. And if you fall off the wagon, *do not make me come over there and drag you back on because I will.* (Simmer down, Laura.)
  • How do I register?
    Click on PRICING and register as a single player, couple / family, or full team! You'll receive a receipt by email. Then, close to the start date, you'll receive an email with everything you need to know to play!
  • What if I want to play but I can't find teammates?
    Let us know! We can sometimes find you a spot. Not always though, and playing with people you know makes it so much easier to bond and support each other and kick butt! Beg, bribe, coerce. You can do it!
  • Can I play as an individual without a team?
    Not at this time. Being on a team is the best part! You know how you've tried to stick to a program but keep falling off the wagon? You won't let your teammates down now. It's positive peer pressure done right! I'll let two current players explain: "For me, it's being accountable to a team. I suck at being accountable to myself, but I'm kicking ass for my team. I don't want to let them down." "It's just sooo fun because it's a really good group of positive, funny people! We're in this together!"
  • How long is a game?
    The game is 5 weeks long! It starts on a Monday and ends on a Sunday. We take one week off between games and then we go again! :::cracks knuckles::: :::stretches out:::
  • Only 5 weeks? Who decided that?
    Laura did and she's the boss. Wanna make something of it? She didn't think so. *smile* Here's Why: 5 weeks is totally doable. 5 weeks is just enough time to see solid results. 5 weeks because I wanted 5 weeks and I'm the Boss Lady. The week off between games allows my team to get the administrative work done, and it allows players a physical and emotional break from "going hard." (Even though most players continue practicing the habits they've developed during the week off!) Most participants play 3 or more times in a row, and dial in a little more each game because they love their results and it's fun and they get better and better at new habits and they want to win and IT WORKS.
  • What are the team captain's responsibilities?
    1) Read the rules & understand how to play - so you can coach your players! 2) Act as point of contact between Laura and your players when necessary. 3) Support your team! Cheer them on, check on players who 'go missing,' let them know when Pop-Up Challenges appear, and so on. That's it! Past team captains told me to reassure you that it's really not a big deal. The main thing is that you read the rules so you can get your players crushing it in points as early as possible!
  • What if I'm super out of shape? Don't the already-fit people have an advantage?
    The game is scored on compliance, not ability. It doesn't matter how many push-ups you can (or can't) do - all that matters is that you put in the time and practice the habits. That's how you get points. Do the things - get points. Don't do the things - NO POINTS FOR YOU. So whether you want to find your way back to fitness or take your abilities to the next level, this game provides the framework of support, accountability, motivation, and fun to do it!
  • Wait - no snacks and no alcohol?!
    Snacks are allowed but must be chosen from the compliant foods list. Alcohol is allowed on your Nutrition Day Off only. Pro Tip: You can have non-compliant snacks and alcohol. But when you do, you take a small penalty. That's all.
  • What if I get sick and can't exercise?
    Your teammates can divvy up your workout minutes and do them for you. They still have to do their own minutes, so use this option sparingly! If you find yourself in extenuating circumstances that make the other categories difficult to do too, simply message the Boss Lady (Laura) and we'll work something out.
  • What if I don't like to talk trash?
    Talking trash is just our sassy-pants way of saying "Check in, please!" Players are, however, encouraged to be silly and lightly competitive, ala, "I got all my points today - bet you wish I was your teammate!" We have rules in place for keeping it light and fun. Players will sign off on those rules prior to the start of the game.
  • Can a player be disqualified?
    Yes. In order to keep the game a safe and fun place for all, players can be disqualified for unsportsmanlike behavior such as harassing or embarrassing another player. If, however, a player commits a mild offense, a warning will be given via private message. The player will be allowed to continue so long as no additional offenses occur. All disqualifications are at the discretion of Laura and her team. . Players who are disqualified will not receive a refund of their game registration. So keep it on the up-and-up, mkay? (P.S. So far, no one has ever been disqualified. Yay!)
  • Can I get a refund if I drop out of a game partway through?
    You can cancel up until 7 days from the game's start date and receive a full refund. Or, you can apply your registration fee to a future game to be used within one year. Exceptions may be made if a player needs to drop out for medical reasons after day 7 and up until the end of the current game. We cannot refund players after a game has ended.
  • Who runs this gig anyhow?
    That would be Laura - she knows how to get fit done and get sh!t done! This game is her baby. Her pride and joy. Her outlet for her weird personality. Her reason for living. (She can be a bit sassy and a tad melodramatic.) (She can say that because she wrote this.)
  • Take my money
    Let's do this! I'm super excited you're going to play! Get on in there. IT'S GONNA BE SO FUN.
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