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Below is the Nutrition Guide we use in the GAME

Players choose to follow Level I, II, or III based on how strict they want to be with non-compliant calories and alcohol.

My recommendation is to choose a Level that gets you eating healthier than you currently do but is also doable.

Not sure which Level is for you?


Consider this:

Are you an Abstainer or a Moderator?

Abstainers are all in. They're either exercising daily or not at all. They're either eating zero cookies or ALL the cookies. They don't make small changes. They need the hard boundaries of complete commitment.


Abstainers can handle the commitment of Level III.

Moderators prefer small changes over time. They get overwhelmed by the 'all or nothing' approach. They can eat one cookie and save the rest.

They'll stick to a new exercise program is it's a

reasonable commitment like 2 days per week.

Moderators do best on Level I or Level II.

(Unless their current diet is super healthy and they need

Level III to tighten things up.)

Use the Nutrition Guide to inform your choices. A healthy diet is key to improving health and fitness!

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