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Bring the Game to Work!

Get Fit Done is an innovative, engaging health and

fitness challenge that makes getting fit more fun!


Studies prove quality corporate wellness programs increase productivity and boost morale while lowering the bottom line.


And with Get Fit Done, your company will be

one of the hottest places to work. (It's true!)

If you're an employee of one of our current partners,

find your company below!

If you'd like to talk about how Get Fit Done can

get YOUR team healthy and fit, get in touch!

Why Choose Laura?

Two things make me the right choice for your company:


- My Programming Style

- My Use of Humor and Games


Humor and Games

Laughing is therapy! 


Laughing is a non-negotiable in my life, so it's in everything I do!  In my game Get Fit Done you get points for Trash Talk! (But that really just means Checking In for accountability, and I have strict rules for keeping trash talk light, fun, and friendly.)

I also use games as exercise, turning games like "Rock Paper Scissors" and "Hot Potato" into workouts!. Games harness the power of social connection, teamwork, friendly competition, and humor, making workouts surprisingly fun! 

My Programming Style

Whether it's a 1-on-1 private session, a group workout, or in my Get Fit Done Game, I am the trainer who knows how to level the playing field and design programs that for EVERY person, any age, any size, any fitness level, and with any health challenges!

Over the past many years I have successfully trained clients with a myriad of unique health concerns including Progressive Multiple Schlerosis, Glaucoma, Amputation, Parkinson's Disease, Neuropathy and Arthritis.

I have worked with teen and young adult athletes.

And I have worked with every age and ability in between!


My current clients range in age from 29 to 84!

Because of this, I've developed my own unique signature style of programming that doesn't put clients through the usual (and risky) paces you see on Instagram and YouTube.


We don't go for showy. We go for safety, longevity, and capability!

I have clients train the main fundamental movement patterns (squatting, pushing, pulling, etc), but then I seamlessly blend in exercises for balance, mobility, muscle endurance, coordination, power, stability and agility!


I include pre-hab exercises that build a solid foundation of strength and mobility, with the goal of preventing the need for physical therapy due to going "too hard, too fast."


My goal is for workouts to push *just* beyond a comfort zone, but only when appropriate.


We use the Goldilocks question to assess where we are - did that feel too easy, too hard, or just right? And even when a client isn't sure of the answer, I know. I observe their form and their effort, but also body language cues, their energy level, and even their mood when they walk in the door (or log into their Zoom session).


And because of my decades of experience, I almost never get it wrong; I almost always know what will be "just right" in that moment for each client.

 It's my super power! 

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