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Three Zombies

5-Day Zombie Challenge!

DATES: Monday - Friday, October 23 - 27

To PARTICIPATE: Join the We Get Fit Done, Yo Facebook group >


It's Halloween and there's a fungus among us... 


Just like in "The Last of Us" tv show and video game, there's an infectious fungus that turns humans into zombies and the only antidote is....




Do your exercises and you'll be safe - because the fungus cannot overtake someone who's fit AF.


And that's about to be All of US.

Three Zombies


- Starting Monday, every morning Mon-Fri at 6am CST, a new exercise and specific rep count will be posted.

- Do it and you're safe!

For now...

- Don't do it, and, well,

you're fungus food.

- When you've done the exercise, post in the comments on that day's specific post in the We Get Fit Done, Yo Facebook group - and on that post only! 

- Those who successfully ward off the fungus all 5 days will be entered to win a prize! 


Three Zombies


There will be (2) winners chosen, and each gets their choice of:

(2) Free Months of my NEW Goal Getters Program

Value: $98! 

(1) Free One-Hour

Consultation with Laura! 

Value: $75 

(1) Free Month of my Zoom Workout Group

Value: $89! 

Three Zombies

Are You READY...?


The fungus is ruthless.

We must fend it off or our lives will

never be the same! 

When you see which exercises will boost

your resilience and immunity, do not delay!

Prepare to protect your health at all costs!


Will you rise to the challenge of

defending the health of humanity? 


Tomorrow morning.... WE FIGHT.

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