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5-Day Challenges!

Every so often, I create a quick, fun, FREE 5-day challenge to motivate you to stop thinking about exercise and start working out!

Each challenge includes exercises you must do on each of the 5 days. To get credit for doing them, comment on that day's challenge-related post! At the end of the 5 days, one or two winners are chosen from those who completed all 5 days' challenges!

And of course there are PRIZES for the winner!

Are you in? 

Let's goooooooooo!

To participate, and to learn what challenges are coming up,  you must be a member of my Facebook group,

We Get Fit Done, Yo.

(Isn't that name ridiculous? Which is why I love it.)

two women doing a lunge exercise

Past 5-DAY CHALLENGES Include....

Halloween 5-Day Zombie Challenge >

Short-Workout 5-Day Solstice Challenge >

Join the FB group now!

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