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Laura has over 30 years of experience working as a coach, personal trainer, educator,

public speaker and entrepreneur. She has a BS in Education and Health Education

from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and holds certifications in personal training,

senior fitness, Pilates, and online personal training.  

Laura splits time between Lake Summerset, IL and Los Angeles, CA, training private clients in person and via Zoom, and hosting Get Fit Done games and programs for corporate clients.  

Laura is also co-owner of BLR Investments, and manages their portfolio of rental properties in the northern Illinois area. 

Raised in Illinois on her family's 5th generation farm, Irish Grove Farms, Laura brings her blend of hard work ethic and Irish mischief to everything she does. Laura and her husband Rob raised their two sons near the family farm before relocating to Los Angeles in 2016.
In addition to training private clients since 2009, Laura has produced over 100 workout videos on YouTube, worked with corporate clients for workouts and health-focused team-building programs, and created the online team fitness game, Get Fit Done, where she
motivates people with gamified workout and nutrition challenges and silly banter. 
(Humor is one of her non-negotiables in life!) 
She has worked with teens, elite athletes, seniors, and everyone in between. She has trained people with severe health considerations including Progressive MS, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Glaucoma, T2 Diabetes, Parkinson's, and Amputation, and is a pro at working around pain and mobility challenges and supporting clients’ physical therapy programming.


She has also helped hundreds of clients in the 40+ age group regain strength and mobility

with her uniquely designed signature programming that is not at all like the typical

exercises you see (and fear!) in gyms and on Instagram. 
She puts the personal in personal training, designing programs using

fundamental movement patterns as the basis, but customizing every single exercise to meet each client where they are, and applying just the right amount of

progressive overload - “push” - mixed with friendly (and sometimes sassy!) support.  
She strives for safe, efficient, effective workouts that you don’t hate! 
She loves helping clients succeed, whether that means "I can see my abs!" or

“I can do 15 push-ups in a row!” or "my back doesn't hurt when I do gardening anymore!" but what she loves most is that moment it clicks that everything they do is now easier….  

When clients feel better, sleep better, like how they look, and regained their health! 
Laura is a keen observer and a dedicated coach.  She promises to help you reach

your goals in a safe and effective program if you promise you're ready to

make the changes necessary to Get Fit Done! 

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