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COVID-19 has everyone and everything on lockdown. If you are symptom-free, but don't want to go to the gym, here are several workout options for you! These workouts are designed to be done at the gym or at home and use minimal equipment.

If you need equipment and want to see what I use with my clients and recommend, go HERE.

In the meantime, it's more important than ever that we do the things that keep us healthy - get adequate sleep; 

drink plenty of water; avoid inflammation-causing foods like sugar, alcohol, fried foods, highly-processed foods; and maintain a

consistent, *appropriate* workout program that keeps your body strong without crushing you into exhaustion.

I coach my clients to do workouts that are CHALLENGING BUT DOABLE. This is not the time to beat your body.

Stress levels are high, and you should adapt your workouts to be more self-care than self-abuse.

If you have further questions or would like workout programming customized to your exact needs and goals,

I do that. Go HERE to view those options. And, join my free Facebook group - there you can ask questions & get support!

Body Basics

HiiT It Hard

Drill & Chill

YouTube Workouts

6-Week Cycle

Choose Body Basics to build a solid foundation of strength and muscular endurance!

This cycles focuses on the fundamentals. Hitting all major muscle groups, it's ideal for anyone, from beginner to advanced, who wants to improve their overall fitness.


If you were to choose

only one program to

follow, this is it!

6-Week Cycle

This 6-Week Cycle is a bit more advanced.

Choose this cycle if you want to lose weight and tone up!

The first 3 workouts include two high-intensity interval circuits:  one full-body, one for abs.


The 4th workout is a straight-up cardio assault!

If you want a challenge, this is it.

6-Week Cycle

This 6-Week Cycle will help you burn fat and improve mobility using two short circuits.

In the first circuit, you get a short, intense challenge - Drill.

In the second circuit, you slow it down as you focus on flexibility & movement quality - Chill.

Follow it to get in incredible shape and feel amazing!

FREE Workout Videos

I have dozens of 15-Minute HiiT Quickie Workouts on YouTube! Plus short, difficult Thursday Throwdowns you can use to top off a workout or as stand-alone challenge.

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