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5-Day Solstice Challenge!

Monday - Friday, December 4th - 8th


The winter solstice is coming and the days grow shorter.... 

Shorter days means less time, less energy, less movement... 


We must ACT.


I know you're short on time, so the obvious antidote is....


Short Workouts!


Do your short workouts and you'll survive.


Winter's shortest days cannot take down someone who's fit AF.

And that's about to be US.


 A new Short Workout will be posted in the We Get Fit Done, Yo Facebook group every morning at 6am CST!

Do the Short Workout and...
you're safe! For now...

Don't do it, and, well,

 winter wins. 


 HOW to Survive the WINTER... 

When you've done the

assigned Short Workout, comment on that day's specific post in the

Facebook group - and on that post only, please!

Those who do the Short Workouts all 5 days will be entered to win a prize! 


Only one can win....

That winner gets to select from these prizes!

(2) Free Months of
Goal Getters - New! 

Value: $98! 

(1) Free One-Hour

Consultation with Laura! 

Value: $75 

(1) Free Month of my Zoom Workout Group

Value: $89! 

Abandoned Home

 Are You READY...? 


Winter is unrelenting.

We must fight to stay fit, or our lives

will never be the same! 

When you see the Short Workouts that will boost

your resilience and immunity, do not delay!

Prepare to protect your health at all costs!


Will you rise to the challenge


Soon....  We Fight.

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